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Geographical areas


  • Burkina Faso
  • Cabo Verde
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Regional Africa
  • Senegal


  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Regional America


  • Laos
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam


  • Kosovo
  • Luxembourg


  • Local Development
    • Agriculture & Food Security
    • Decentralisation & Local Governance
    • Natural Resources Management
    • Water & Sanitation
  • Education - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
    • Basic Education & Literacy
    • Vocational Training & Access to Employment
  • Health
  • Microfinance and Finance
  • Renewable Energies
  • Various


Country Code Title Sectors
LuxembourgAAA/319Junior Technical AdviserEducation - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
LuxembourgAAA/320Junior Technical AdviserEducation - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
Regional AfricaAFR/820African Internet eXchange System (AXIS)Various
Burkina FasoBKF/018Implementing the National Education and Technical and Vocational Training PolicyVocational Training & Access to Employment
Burkina FasoBKF/019Implementing the National Forest Resources Management ProgrammeNatural Resources Management
Burkina FasoBKF/021ICT Development Support in Burkina FasoLocal Development
Burkina FasoBKF/023Support to the sustainable management of the forest resourcesNatural Resources Management
Burkina FasoBKF/024Project for land reclamation efforts towards pastoral usage and in conservation areasNatural Resources Management
Burkina FasoBKF/025 Support Programme to Implementation of the Education and Training Sector Plan (PSEF)Basic Education & Literacy
Burkina FasoBKF/026Support to the National Education and Technical and Vocational Training Policy in Burkina FasoVocational Training & Access to Employment
Burkina FasoBKF/027Support for the fiscal cadastre of Burkina Faso in the communes of Ouagadougou and Bobo-DioulassoDecentralisation & Local Governance
Cabo VerdeCVE/081Employment and employabilityVocational Training & Access to Employment
Cabo VerdeCVE/082Water and sanitationWater & Sanitation
Cabo VerdeCVE/083Renewable energiesRenewable Energies
Cabo VerdeCVE/085Supporting the partnership between the Center for Renewable Energies and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI) and the Center of competence-Technical Engineering of Luxembourg (CdC-GTB)Vocational Training & Access to Employment
Cabo VerdeCVE/086Support to the 5th General Population and Housing census 2020 in Cabo Verde (RGPH-2020) Project CVE/086Decentralisation & Local Governance
Cabo VerdeCVE/087100% Solar Desalination Unit, BravaWater & Sanitation
LuxembourgEUR/801Vocational Education and Training ToolboxVocational Training & Access to Employment
Regional AfricaEUR/802VET Toolbox 2: Enhanced Delivery of Demand-driven Skills Development for Investment in AfricaVocational Training & Access to Employment
KosovoKSV/017Health Sector Support Programme in Kosovo (Phase II)Health
KosovoKSV/019Technical Assistance in the Context of European Integration of KosovoDecentralisation & Local Governance
KosovoKSV/020Support to Vocational Education and Training (VET) Reform in KosovoEducation - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
KosovoKSV/801European Union Support to Vocational Education and Training (VET), Professional Requalification and Occupation (ESVET PRO) LuxDev Project KSV/801Vocational Training & Access to Employment
LaosLAO/027Lao-Luxembourg Health Sector Support Programme - Phase IIHealth
LaosLAO/029Skills for Tourism – Human Resources Development in the Tourism and Hospitality SectorEducation - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
LaosLAO/030Local Development Programme for Bokeo, Bolikhamxay, Khammouane and Vientiane ProvinceLocal Development
LaosLAO/031Support Programme for Legal Teaching and Training and to the Promotion of the Rule of Law Concept in LaosVocational Training & Access to Employment
LaosLAO/032Support to the Triangular Cooperation in the Finance Sector between Vietnam, Laos and Luxembourg
LaosLAO/033Strengthening the Effectiveness of Official Development Assistance (ODA) Management in LAO PDR Various
LaosLAO/730Local Development and Governance StrengtheningLocal Development
Regional AmericaMAE/013Technical Assistance to the Forestry and Climate Change Fund du Luxembourg Microfinance Development Fund (FCCF)Microfinance and Finance
LuxembourgMAE/014Business Partnership FacilityVarious
Regional AmericaMAE/016Regional technical assistance fund in Central AmericaVarious
LuxembourgMAE/017Support to the hospital and the Panzi FoundationHealth
LuxembourgMAE/018Contribution to the Bloc Smart Africa FundVarious
Regional AmericaMAE/019Regional Program for the Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship - Phase II Various
LuxembourgMAE/020Luxembourg's interventions in the fight against Covid-19Health
LuxembourgMAE/021Smallholder Safety Net Up-Scaling ProgrammeMicrofinance and Finance
MaliMLI/021Rural development and food securityAgriculture & Food Security
MaliMLI/022Technical and vocational trainingVocational Training & Access to Employment
MaliMLI/023Decentralisation and good governanceDecentralisation & Local Governance
MaliMLI/026Support to agropastoral value chains in Sikasso - Phase IIAgriculture & Food Security
MaliMLI/027Strengthening the resilience of the rural communities in the Kita Circle and their access to the market system - Phase IIIAgriculture & Food Security
MaliMLI/804ADEL - Support for Local Economic Development and Conflict Prevention in the Gao and Timbuktu RegionsLocal Development
MongoliaMON/006Consolidating cardiovascular Services and National Cardiac Centre in MongoliaHealth
MyanmarMYA/001Human Resources Development in the Hospitality and Tourism SectorVocational Training & Access to Employment
MyanmarMYA/002Eastern Shan State Rural Development and Inclusion ProjectLocal Development
NigerNIG/023Support to the operationalisation of the education and training sector Programme Basic Education & Literacy
NigerNIG/024Support to the national vocational training and professional insertion programme in Niger IIVocational Training & Access to Employment
NigerNIG/025Support programme for sustainable development in the Dosso region, Phase IIAgriculture & Food Security
NigerNIG/026Support Programme for the Water and Sanitation Sector – Phase III (SPWSS-3)Water & Sanitation
NigerNIG/027Support for capacity building of the public expenditure chain actors in Agadez, Diffa, Tahoua and Zinder regionsDecentralisation & Local Governance
NigerNIG/703Support to the Water and Sanitation Sector Programme in Niger within the framework of PROSEHAWater & Sanitation
NigerNIG/802Support for the G5 Sahel Regional Emergency Programme for the Development of Local Infrastructure (PDU), Hydraulics and Sanitation component (Pillar 1) for the North Tillabéri and West Tahoua areas in Niger, within the framework of PROSEHA Water & Sanitation
SenegalSEN/031Health and social protectionHealth
SenegalSEN/032Vocational and technical training and employabilityVocational Training & Access to Employment
SenegalSEN/801Developing employment in Senegal: Strengthening employability and business competitiveness in departure areasVocational Training & Access to Employment
El SalvadorSVD/024Support and Monitoring of Bilateral Cooperation Projects in El SalvadorVarious
VietnamVIE/032Support Vietnam’s Securities Market Consolidation and Improve Training CapacitiesMicrofinance and Finance
VietnamVIE/401Energy Efficient Lighting NAMA Pilot in Hue City Renewable Energies
VietnamVIE/433Climate Adaptation and Resilience in Thua Thien Hue ProvinceLocal Development