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Support for the agroecological transition and the implementation of sustainable food systems in the Mono Biosphere Reserve (Delta Mono)



Agriculture, forestry and fishery
Partner execution agency
Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Elevage et de la Pêche (MAEP)

Implementation period
December 2022 - December 2026
Total duration
48 months

Total budget
9,000,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    3,000,000 EUR
  • Union européenne
    6,000,000 EUR

The overall objective of the project "Support for the agro-ecological transition and the establishment of sustainable food systems in the Mono Biosphere Reserve" (Delta Mono) is to contribute to the inclusive, sustainable and climate change resilient territorial development of the UNESCO MAB Mono Biosphere Reserve and the contiguous Avlékété-Bouche du Roy marine protected area.

Its specific objective is to strengthen the use of agroecological practices and the construction of sustainable food systems among farmers (including fishermen) within the Mono Biosphere Reserve and its periphery. In order to achieve this specific objective, the expected results are:

  • the reinforcement of institutional stakeholders and the sensitisation of populations on the existence of the biosphere reserve and the need to preserve it;
  • the support of farmers in their approach towards the agroecological transition and the construction of Sustainable Food Systems;
  • the professional integration of young people and the creation and development of enterprises linked to the agroecological transition; and
  • the evaluation and valorization of the impact of the agroecological transition among stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

The project will benefit the Mono Delta Biosphere Reserve and its inhabitants, in particular the groups negatively impacted by the preservation measures. The Delta Mono project is developed and implemented by Enabel and LuxDev is part of the monitoring committee. The contribution of the Luxembourg Cooperation, initially over 7 years and amounting to EUR 3 000 000, is made available through LuxDev. It complements funding of EUR 6 000 000 from the European Union.