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Feasibility study for green hydrogen production in Cabo Verde


Cabo Verde
LuxDev's country office
Cabo Verde Office

Environment and climate change
2021 - 2025

Implementation period
November 2021 - October 2023
Total duration
24 months

Total budget
350,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    350,000 EUR

The government of Cabo Verde requested support from Luxembourg to explore the potential for green hydrogen production in Cabo Verde. In response to this request, the Luxembourg Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning mandated LuxDev in February 2021 to conduct a technical and economic feasibility study on the production of industrial green hydrogen in Cabo Verde.

In response to this mandate, LuxDev has hired a consulting company to carry out the study in two stages. The first step will consist in the assessment of the potential and viability of green hydrogen production. Once the first stage is approved, and subject to the provisional viability of the project, the full feasibility study (second stage) will assess the potential for the long-term success of the project. In addition to the technical and economic aspects, the full feasibility study will also assess the specific legal and operational aspects of the project.

This process is planned to last around 24 months and has a budget of 350 000 EUR.