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Evaluation Reports

In principle, LuxDev systematically performs internal and independent mid-term and final evaluations of all its projects and programmes.

The evaluations are driven by the Evaluations, Quality and Knowledge Management Department, which reports to the Agency’s General directorate.

LuxDev systematically recruits consultants and pays particular attention to the use of local expertise in the evaluation teams. The impartiality and independence of these evaluations facilitate the dissemination and use of lessons learned within the Agency.

The evaluation exercise is a privileged moment of partnership, exchange and learning between all stakeholders of an intervention. The involvement of the counterpart contributes to capacity building in the field of evaluation in the partner countries.

Evaluation summary reports are systematically published on the LuxDev website. Access to the full report can be requested by email to the Agency (

Independent experts write the evaluation reports and the opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of LuxDev or the Luxembourg Development Cooperation.



Focus Assessment

Prospective Evaluation