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  • There are currently no vacancies.

International experts

LuxDev recruits experts for missions of both short and long duration for projects/programmes financed by the Luxembourg Government or by other donors.

These experts, for a specific time period, take on the role of advisers in development cooperation. In the course of their mission, these experts will contribute to the successful implementation of project activities and ensure institutional strengthening of partner administrations on a local and central level. Their actions should avoid substitution and encourage ownership by both partners and beneficiaries. Thus they take on the responsibility of liaising with the local partners, analysing the necessary requirements and existing issues as well as recruiting and managing local staff.

In order to achieve this, LuxDev recruits professionals from all cultural backgrounds possessing a high degree of technical competency. Another important asset is the capacity of passing on skills as well as the ability to work in a multicultural environment. Expert posts at LuxDev are accessible to all nationalities. The Agency offers a work environment that highly regards skill, integrity, commitment, team spirit, results orientation and diversity with respect to gender and nationality.

International long-term experts (more than six months)

LuxDev hires experts, for the implementation of its projects and programmes, who are qualified, experienced, committed, motivated, and who share our values. They need to bring the necessary technical and operational competencies and have a good track record in the implementation of development projects and programmes. Vacancies are typically of a high managerial and advisory nature and our experts usually provide professional advice to their partners rather than executing tasks directly.

Experts can be categorised as:

  • Chief Technical Adviser (CTA) of a project/programme within organisations such as technical departments, municipalities, hospitals, vocational training and educational institutions. The role of the CTA varies depending on the type of intervention (project, programme, sector support). In a project, the CTA usually works in partnership with a national director who is appointed by his government and in charge of the project/programme on behalf of his government. He primarily facilitates the operational aspects with local beneficiaries and stakeholders and provides an analysis of requirements and existing issues. The CTA bears financial responsibility for the Luxembourg contribution, the recruitment and management of local staff and procurement. As we move towards sector approaches, in line with the partner country’s priorities, procedures and structures, the role of the CTA evolves, to concentrate on strengthening local capacity and coordinating the technical assistance but can also be extended to the monitoring of the use of the funds provided.
  • Technical Adviser (TA) – a complement of specialised technical know-how assigned to assist with project/programme implementation and the capacity building of partner institutions. The TA works in close collaboration with the CTA and all other team members assigned to a project/programme.

Experts working with us are not LuxDev employees, they have an independent status.

Short-term consultants (less than six months)

LuxDev regularly requires short-term consultants for the formulation and evaluation of projects/programmes or for ad hoc technical support in a well-defined area of expertise or sector.

Part of these recruitments is advertised on our recruitment webiste for individual experts. The other is recruited through specialised consulting firms by the means of tender.

LuxDev employees

Human resources are at the heart of LuxDev. The Agency always looks at recruiting staff that share its values and has the ideal competencies for their positions.

LuxDev employs approximately 80 employees, including a dozen colleagues working in our partner countries. LuxDev encourages internal mobility as well as geographical mobility. Although most of our permanent staff works at headquarters, many have the opportunity to gain field experience on missions to projects/programmes and the country/regional offices.

LuxDev’s main mission is to implement the Luxembourg government’s development cooperation policy and strategies. LuxDev primarily recruits people who have a good level of field experience in order to support the projects and programmes (Geographical Advisers at our headquarters and Resident Representatives).

Just as essential to the functioning of the Agency are the support departments: Evaluation, Quality and Knowledge management; Purchasing Procedures, Contracts and Acquisitions; Accounting & Finance; IT; Communications; Coordination of audits and controls; and Human Resources.

Recruitment in partner countries

LuxDev recruits national staff for project/programme implementation and for its country/regional offices. These profiles cater to positions in general administration, accounting and also entail technical support for a specific sector.

These vacancies are advertised in the specific country's local press as well as the regional office’s web page. Applicants for these national vacancies may be of any nationality; however they must possess a valid work permit for the concerned country.

Junior Technical Adviser

LuxDev manages a programme called Introduction to Development Cooperation - funded by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade. This programme offers young professionals the opportunity to work within one of the projects/programmes managed by the Agency and thus gain valuable experience in development cooperation.

After approximately one month of training at LuxDev’s headquarters, the successful applicants are sent out to the field for 11 months as Junior Technical Adviser’s (JTA), to work alongside one of the Agency's experienced staff. The JTA's learn about the world of bilateral cooperation and project cycle management as well as the realities in the partner countries. These posts can be extended by two years.

Eligible for this programme are young Luxembourg citizens or Luxembourg residents holding a bachelor or a technical diploma. An interest or previous commitment in the area of development cooperation including studies in this subject, are considered as an important asset.

Candidates interested in this programme can apply following the notice published annually, usually in April/May, on our recruitment website.