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Strengthening the resilience of the rural communities in the Kita Circle and their access to the market system - Phase III


LuxDev's country office
Mali Office

Agriculture & Food Security
Partner execution agency
Caritas Luxembourg au Mali

Implementation period
January 2021 - December 2025
Total duration
60 months

Total budget
1,983,518 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    590,000 EUR
  • Autre contribution lux.
    877,505 EUR
  • Caritas Suisse
    510,144 EUR
  • Bénéficiaires
    5,869 EUR

The overall objective of the project “Strengthening the resilience of the rural communities of the Kita Circle and their access to the market system - Phase III” is to “contribute to the food security of vulnerable households and communities in the Kita Circle”. The achievement of its specific objective “the resilience of the vulnerable communities of the Kita Circle against climate change and structural deficits is strengthened through income diversification and an inclusive market system” is sought through three outcomes and cross-cutting activities:

  • small-scale producers have improved market access along at least two value chains, enabling vulnerable households, especially those run by a woman, to access a sufficient and stable income;  
  • food production systems in at least two value chains are adapted to local agro-ecological conditions and the effects of climate change;
  • the capacities of cooperatives are strengthened and the management of resources and food products is improved.

This third phase builds on the achievements and lessons learned in the two previous phases. Specifically, the project focuses on diversifying interventions, including value chains and agroecological techniques promoted. It also emphasises the systematic integration of climate change and gender aspects in all interventions, and focuses on systemic factors that favour inclusive markets for small-scale producers. The promotion and capacity building of farmers' organisations/cooperatives/unions, including marketing capacities, will be pursued and consolidated in a perspective of sustainable empowerment by the end of the project.

The main target groups of this project, which covers 32 villages in the four communes of Sébékoro, Bendougouba, Djidian and Benkadi-Founia in the Kita Cercle, are at least 600 households of agricultural producers and 13 old and seven new farmers' organisations / cooperatives / unions.

The direct beneficiaries are at least 300 men and 300 women from 600 households (about 3,950 people) and the indirect beneficiaries are the population of the 32 villages, consisting of 4,851 households (32,241 inhabitants, including 16 515 women), as well as the population of the villages in the two communes to be identified, estimated at 19,400 inhabitants. Thus, the indirect beneficiaries of the six communes are estimated at 51,641 inhabitants, of which approximately 26,215 are women. In addition, the project plans to build the capacity of 20 village agricultural advisors from the deconcentrated technical services and the communes concerned to carry out their support function towards the target groups.

The project was developed and is implemented by Caritas Switzerland in cooperation with Caritas Luxembourg. The contribution of the Luxembourg Cooperation, initially for two years and amounting to EUR 590,000, is implemented through LuxDev.