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Our Agency

In recent years the list of our partner countries has stabilized and the list of sectors that receive financial support from Luxembourg has become more concise. Meanwhile, the overall volume of our work has remained stable and the Luxembourg Development Cooperation intervenes in increasingly complex partnership frameworks.

LuxDev as operational pillar of the Luxembourg bilateral cooperation has fully grasped the magnitude of these issues. Our Agency thus elaborated its VISION 2020 along those lines in 2012.

Our mission is to actively participate in the implementation of the development cooperation policy of the Luxembourg government, which focuses on poverty eradication and sustainable development in its social, economic and environmental aspects. As an agency of the Luxembourg government, LuxDev can be seen as the essential instrument by which the country expresses its international solidarity.

In the field, LuxDev aims at strengthening their partner countries’ ownership, i.e. their ability to exercise effective control over their own policies and development strategies, ensuring effective coordination of the development support provided by all technical and financial partners. LuxDev, in each of its interventions seeks to act as a reliable partner and develop the capacities of actors with whom the Agency cooperates. To this end LuxDev adopts development approaches that are compatible with the principles of international agreements, which in turn are consistent with the mandates entrusted by the Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Luxembourg Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.

We seek to assist our partners, without substituting them in their efforts to progress.

To this end, our agency develops its skills in different sectors and topics as well as in the context of different development approaches and modalities. The Agency also has, in recent years, acquired analytical skills, which put its decisions into perspective in terms of risks and opportunities.

At international level, LuxDev is active in the research being conducted by its peers and takes part in international networks, particularly in Europe, where its expertise has proven to be useful. Our Agency makes use of operational collaboration opportunities, particularly in the context of the EU Code of Conduct on Complementarity and Division of Labour in Development Policy. This is why LuxDev has become a member of major networks such as the Practitioners' Network and the Learn4Dev network.

LuxDev will actively pursue its efforts to remain a reliable and competent partner of the Luxembourg government. A clear definition of roles between our Agency and the Directorate for Development Cooperation, with a clearly structured system, obvious responsibilities and well-defined expertise, continue to ensure the effectiveness of Luxembourg’s bilateral development cooperation.

ISO 9001 certified since 2005

Certification is not an end in itself. In fact the process required to make certification possible permitted the Agency to think about its processes and to set clear objectives in terms of effectiveness, in order to ensure that the investments made contribute, in a sustainable way, to the improvement of living conditions of the populations in our partner countries.

In practice, the certification enabled a complete revision of the Agency’s processes. Potential risks were identified and mechanisms were set up to avoid unnecessary problems and to start corrective action.

ISO 9001 certification is special in that it acknowledges accomplished efforts, without however allowing complacency. The certification has a three-year validity, but is re-evaluated each year by an audit, to verify that the commitments in terms of continual improvement have been respected. LuxDev was first certified in 2005 and has been ever since.


The Country or Regional Offices (ROF) oversee the bilateral development programmes in their area and ensure the overall operational coordination. A Country or Regional Office is managed by a Resident Representative with one or more Programme Officers who supervise the local office staff as well the Chief Technical Advisers and Technical Assistants assigned to projects / programmes in the field.

The Resident Representative represents the Steering Committee of the Agency towards the local authorities and national as well as international ODA partners. It participates in the development and implementation of the formulation mandates and advises on programmes during the identification process.

LuxDev Country or Regional Offices share their premises with the Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Embassy of Luxembourg).

Vision 2020

The Vision 2020 has four main pillars describing what LuxDev should be and do in order to fulfil its mission successfully.

  • We are a reliable and effective partner in meeting the commitments of the Luxembourg Development Cooperation;
  • We are close to the realities in the field, we are operational and flexible whilst complying with our values. We are thereby able to serve multiple constituents;
  • Together with our partners, we are committed to achieving results in sustainable, inclusive development through capacity building;
  • We invest in developing our skills and in retaining the knowledge and experience we have gained.

We have identified 16 operational objectives for the achievement of the Vision 2020. These objectives are linked to the four key dimensions of our organisation.