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Sustainable and inclusive growth in Kosovo


LuxDev's country office
Kosovo Office

Socio-economic development

Implementation period
November 2023 - October 2026
Total duration
36 months

Total budget
6,500,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    6,500,000 EUR

The overall objective of the Sustainable and inclusive growth in Kosovo project is to contribute to a sustainable economic growth by supporting innovation, inclusiveness, and social development in a greener Kosovo.

The specific objective of the project aims to encourage innovation as well as local and foreign investments in an e-securised and transparent environment.

The project’s first component focusses on establishing the Sovereign Fund of the Republic of Kosovo which promises to improve the government’s finances and attract foreign investments, thereby leading to economic growth.

The second component will improve Kosovo’s cybersecurity capacities. Given the growing need for strengthened cyber infrastructure and capacities, this component, implemented by the Ministry for Internal Affairs, will look at reinforcing Kosovo’s resilience against cyber threats. 

The third component refers to the stimulation of innovation in the private sector. The objective is to increase the value added to products and services and overcome barriers to export, which leads to economic growth. It is implemented by the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade.

The fourth component regards the Parliaments support to digitalisation by replacing its non-functional electronic voting system. The goal is to improve voting transparency and accountability of public information services and to remove a specific hurdle on the path to the integration into the European Union. This component is implemented by the Parliament of Kosovo.

Latest news

  • LUXEMBOURG - Visit of a delegation from Kosovo

    Published on 13 May 2024    By Pascal FABING   EN

    A delegation led by Ms Fadile Dyla, General Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation in Kosovo and Ms Ryve Prekorogja, Head of the lifelong education division, came to Luxembourg in the framework of the project Skills for sustainable jobs in Kosovo. Ms Claire Stoffels (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade), M. Behlul Shaljani and M. Pascal Fabing (LuxDev) have been accompanying the delegation who had the opportunity to exchange with the Director General of LuxDev, M. Manuel Tonnar.

    The objective of the visit was to initiate a partnership between the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg and the University of Pristina. Two professors at the University of Pristina, Pr Blerim Rexha and Pr Qëndrim Gashi have had in-depth discussion with Prof. Dr. Marcus Völp and Dr. Carlo Duprel during the SnT Partnership Day. The cooperation will start during the second semester and will target master and PhD students, with a specific focus on cybersecurity.

    The delegation was also welcomed at the House of Cybersecurity by M. Pascal Steichen and M. Dominique Kogue and informed about the importance of building bridges between skills development, research and the private sector. The visit paves the way for synergies with the project Sustainable and inclusive growth and more specifically its cybersecurity component.

    Finally, Kim Heuskin, Deputy Headmaster at Lycée des Arts et Métiers and Benoît Fortemps, Head of the TalentHub, could share interesting ways to immerse Level V students in real life situations by organising a PowerWeek around challenges proposed by socio-economic partners every year or by hosting start-ups on their campus. These examples together with some experiments on the use of artificial intelligence in education will inspire the development of the future ICT school in Pristina supported by Luxembourg.

    The Skills for sustainable jobs and Sustainable and inclusive growth projects are financed by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and implemented by LuxDev, the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency. 

  • KOSOVO - Strengthening institutional capacities ahead of the innovation grant scheme launch

    Published on 15 March 2024    By Veton KASAPOLLI   EN

    The Sustainable and inclusive growth in Kosovo project is gearing up to launch an innovation grant scheme for entrepreneurs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Trade (MIET). A three-day workshop was held at the beginning of March to ensure smooth preparations. This workshop focused on enhancing the capacities of officials from MIET, namely, the Department of Innovation and the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA), with an emphasis on improving skills for implementing best practices for grant schemes.

    Led by Pascal FABING, a LuxDev expert in the field, the workshop provided insights into the latest innovation policies and trends and valuable advice on enhancing Kosovo’s innovation landscape.

    As part of its objectives, the project supports KIESA in preparing for the inaugural call for grants within the Innovation Fund, which is expected to be announced in early 2024.

    Attendees from the KIESA and the project

    Attendees from the Department of Innovation of the MIET

    The project aims to promote sustainable economic growth by fostering innovation, inclusivity, and social development in a greener Kosovo. Specifically, it seeks to stimulate innovation and attract both local and foreign investments within a digitally secure and transparent ecosystem.

    Background on Kosovo innovation

    The Kosovo government's Programme 2021–2025 prioritises the development of innovation among entrepreneurs. The government has committed to further developing policies and legal frameworks to support business innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Recognising innovation as a key driver for economic development, particularly for achieving sustainable growth, the government incentivises innovation through grants and loans administered by KIESA.

    Kosovo boasts several geographic and demographic advantages, including its strategic location in the Western Balkans, a vibrant and youthful economy, and a strong entrepreneurial culture. Many individuals are engaged in small businesses, either as sole proprietors or within larger enterprises, reflecting Kosovo's entrepreneurial spirit.

    The Sustainable and inclusive growth in Kosovo project is funded by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and implemented by LuxDev, the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency.

  • KOSOVO - Introduction of the Kosovo's Sustainable and inclusive growth Project at new Ministry offices

    Published on 7 February 2024    By Vanessa STOZ   EN

    The recent introduction of the Sustainable and inclusive growth project to its new offices within the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Trade (MIET) was celebrated with a dynamic networking event beginning of February. This event served as a platform to foster connections and acquaint the project team with counterparts within the Ministry.

    Hosted as a breakfast networking session, the event offered an opportunity to outline the project's objectives over the three-year period. Additionally, it provided a forum for engaging with Ministry staff keen to learn more about the project, but also to understand the role of Luxembourg Cooperation, and familiarise themselves with the Agency's mission.

    The overarching aim of the Sustainable and inclusive growth in Kosovo project is to catalyse sustainable economic growth by fostering innovation, inclusivity, and social development in a greener Kosovo. Specifically, the project endeavors to stimulate innovation and both local and foreign investments within a digitally secure and transparent ecosystem.

    The project KSV/023 - Sustainable and inclusive growth in Kosovo is funded by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and implemented by LuxDev, the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency.