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Skills for sustainable jobs in Kosovo


LuxDev's country office
Kosovo Office

Education, vocationnal training and employment

Implementation period
November 2023 - October 2026
Total duration
36 months

Total budget
10,000,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    10,000,000 EUR

The overall objective of the project Skills for sustainable jobs in Kosovo is to contribute to a sustainable economic growth by supporting innovation, inclusiveness, and social development in a greener Kosovo. The specific objective aims to enhance job prospects for young people and women by strengthening the vocational education and training to meet market demands.

The project focuses on four main results:

  • strengthening the cooperation between the private sector and vocational education and training (VET) schools by incentivising private sector involvement;
  • operationalisation of two VET centres – one on ICT and the other on renewable energy/energy efficiency (RE/EE));
  • strengthening research skills in ICT;
  • supporting lifelong learning by developing/strengthening skills and knowledge, especially of women, in RE/EE and ICT.

The project’s first component focuses on promoting and supporting the role of the private sector in enhancing VET. It encourages the collaboration between public schools and private companies, particularly for Work-Based Learning within dual education.

The second component has two main focusses. On the one hand, it supports the operationalisation of the ICT center of competence. On the other hand, it supports the establishment of a VET center, which will be integrated within an existing school, dedicated to RE/EE.

The third component focuses on fostering collaboration between the University of Luxembourg/SnT and Kosovo. This collaboration seeks to improve the quality of doctoral and master’s education in the field of research in ICT and elevate the quality of public research in general.