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Energy transition and climate mitigation in Kosovo


LuxDev's country office
Kosovo Office

Environment and climate change

Implementation period
November 2023 - October 2026
Total duration
36 months

Total budget
5,500,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    5,500,000 EUR

The overall objective of the Energy transition and climate mitigation in Kosovo project is to contribute to a sustainable economic growth by supporting innovation, inclusiveness and social development in a greener Kosovo.

The project aims to enhance the environmental sustainability of the energy sector while also driving economic growth and social progress.

The project’s specific objective is to promote and facilitate the adoption of energy efficiency (EE) practices and renewable energy (RE) sources in Kosovo’s transition to clean energy. It aims to optimise energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and foster a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sector.

This specific objective addresses two serious challenges in the country: inefficient energy use and the low proportion of renewables in electricity generation.

The specific objective aligns with the Energy Strategy’s commitment to move to a more efficient energy consumption model and ambitious targets of achieving a total RE capacity of 1,600 MW by 2031.

To achieve the set objectives, three distinct results have been formulated:

  • improving the implementation of RE and EE measures through an increasing support to the ministries and other relevant institutions involved;
  • strengthening of the regulatory framework for RE and EE;
  • improving the access to financial mechanisms for small-scale RE and EE measures.​

Latest news

  • KOSOVO - Energy transition and climate mitigation in Kosovo project presented to stakeholders

    Published on 14 February 2024    By Christian KIRILOV   EN

    The new Energy transition and climate mitigation in Kosovo project, organised a meeting with stakeholders on 9 February to present its objectives for all main beneficiaries, including the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning, and Infrastructure, and the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund.

    The Project Manager, Mr. Christian Kirilov, provided a comprehensive overview of each planned task and activity within the project scope. The main results, which support the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo, include:

    • improving the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures through increased support to the ministries and other relevant institutions involved.
    • strengthening the regulatory framework for renewable energies and energy efficiency; and
    • improving access to financial mechanisms for small-scale renewable energies and energy efficiency measures.

    The meeting also served as a coordination point for the planned support to municipalities, as well as to identify areas for capacity building amongst beneficiaries. In the next steps, the project will initiate the establishment of focused working groups for renewable energy and energy efficiency to improve the regulatory environment, support the capacity development of relevant institutions and provide needed technical assistance and expertise.

    In conclusion, the meeting reached with a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder and a commitment to collaborative efforts in achieving the project's objectives.

    The Energy transition and climate mitigation in Kosovo project is funded by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and implemented by LuxDev, the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency. Its overarching objective is to contribute to sustainable economic growth by supporting innovation, inclusiveness and social development in a greener Kosovo.