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Consolidating cardiovascular Services and National Cardiac Centre in Mongolia



Partner execution agency
Ministry of Health

Implementation period
June 2017 - December 2021
Total duration
55 months

Total budget
6,280,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    4,500,000 EUR
  • Contribution nationale
    1,780,000 EUR


  • The future National Cardiac Center (NCC) of Mongolia

    Blueprints of the future National Cardiac Center (NCC) of Mongolia. This video was produced by a contractual partner, the firm of architects IDOM.

Final evaluation

This project has been conceived as the exit phase of a long-standing intervention throughout three previous phases  - MON/002, MON/003 and MON/005 - in support of the Mongolian health sector, namely the fight against Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD). Therefore, the focus is on capacity development in order to guarantee an orderly transfer of responsibility with regard to project activities. The strengthening of the National Cardiac Centre (NCC) has been seen as the best option for ensuring sustainability of activities implemented by previous projects. Meanwhile, there is unanimous consensus on its strategic importance and an increasing commitment towards the objective for the NCC of achieving and maintaining internationally accepted standards.

The project’s justification relies on the following facts:

  • Relevance of the on-going interventions against CVD to the country morbidity and mortality leading causes;
  • Relevance of the cardiac surgery component to the number of patients, to the suitable hospital environment, to the availability of skilled surgeons, as well as associated paramedical staff and to the Ministry of Health’s commitment;
  • Relevance of “telemedicine and e-health processes” and of distant learning to the country’s geographic and demographic distribution patterns;
  • Relevance of the strengthening of NCC in order to develop technical and managerial capacity that will enable it to have a national referral and leading role on all the aspects related to the fight against CVD.

Priorities of the intervention strategy have been identified as follows:

  • Consolidation of the nation-wide telemedicine network;
  • Further upgrading of cardio surgery activities;
  • Consolidation of diagnostic and prevention activities against CVD;
  • Development and strengthening of strategic and managerial functions of the NCC.

The fourth area of the intervention (i.e. management of the NCC) deserves a special focus as it is key for ensuring sustainability of all project’s activities that have been implemented so far. In fact, capacity development in managerial skills of the head of NCC and the dedication of a support unit, are minimising the risks related to termination of activities managed by the Project Management Unit under project MON/005. Transfer of responsibilities to the NCC and the concomitant strengthening of its capacity will guarantee a smooth taking over of responsibilities by the counterpart.

This project will continue to cover all 21 Provinces (Aimags) and the nine Districts of the Ulaanbaatar urban area.

In continuation with the previous phases of this intervention, the primary (direct) beneficiaries of the project are all hospitals involved in the project country-wide and the entire staff of the NCC, while the secondary (final) beneficiaries are the patients affected by CVD and the entire Mongolian population at large, through the upgrading of the NCC and all cardiovascular services across the country.