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Technical Assistance to the Forestry and Climate Change Fund du Luxembourg Microfinance Development Fund (FCCF)


This project is closed since 31.12.2022.

Geographical area
Latin America And Caribbean

Inclusive and innovative finance

Implementation period
November 2015 - December 2022
Total duration
86 months

Total budget
2,000,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    2,000,000 EUR

Final evaluation

The Luxembourg Cooperation has been active in Central America since the 1990s. Project (MAE/013) is a Technical Assistance (TA) to the Luxembourg Microfinance Development Fund (LMDF), a Luxembourg private actor

The LMDF is a Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable (SICAV) whose current objective is to support microfinance institutions (MFIs) and thus contribute to poverty reduction in developing countries (Africa, Asia and Latin America). This SICAV aims to diversify and open one (or more) sub-funds to invest in secondary and degraded forests (SDF) in Central America and the associated value chains.

The intervention entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Luxembourg) to LuxDev aims to support this very innovative private initiative, notably by covering the financial and technical needs of the research and development (R&D) phase leading to the mobilisation of private funds (leverage).

The intervention is not targeted at a specific partner country of Luxembourg's cooperation programme, but at the Central American region and is therefore not part of an indicative cooperation programme.

LuxDev is thus responsible for the implementation, the administrative management and the monitoring of the TA instrument, as well as contractualisation of  technical-economic and financial feasibility studies as well as the emergence of operating models and local structures equipped for the management of SDF.

The MAE/013 TA is not based on a specific logical framework but based on the one of the FCCF, and in particular its expected impacts. Consequently, LuxDev have obligation of means (TA) and not of results.