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Support to the 5th General Population and Housing census 2020 in Cabo Verde (RGPH-2020) Project CVE/086


Cabo Verde
LuxDev's country office
Cabo Verde Office

Decentralisation & Local Governance
2016 - 2020

Implementation period
July 2019 - July 2022
Total duration
36 months

Total budget
3,200,000 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    3,200,000 EUR

The project Support to the 5th General Population and Housing census 2020 (RGPH-2020) is part of the Indicative Programme of Cooperation (PIC) 2016-2020 signed between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Republic of Cabo Verde on 12 March 2015. It is funded by the Luxembourg Cooperation for a period of two years, until June 2021.

Its main goal is to improve the knowledge on the population and housing and thus contributing to the consolidation of public and private interventions in the view of boosting the country’s development.

This project aims at supporting the National Institute of Statistics of Cabo Verde (INE), mainly for:

  • the completion of the V General Population and Housing Census 2020 of Cabo Verde RGPH-2020;
  • completion of the post-census survey (CPI);
  • managing the analysis and dissemination phase of the RGPH-2020’s results.

The action will be carried out through its key activities:

  • acquisitions and capacity building of IT equipment and software maintenance licenses;
  • public awareness campaigns across the country for field data collection;
  • recruitment, selection and training of the research field team for all 22 municipalities in the country;
  • raising awareness of the population on the post-census survey;
  • capacity building for post-census survey design, processing and data analysis;
  • field work related activities.

As part of the project, capacity building will be developed through ad-hoc missions and exchanges between the INE and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Luxembourg (STATEC), with which the INE has signed a protocol in 2013. Exchange missions and methodological workshops are also foreseen twice a year, either in Praia or in Luxembourg. The INE identifies that this technical support would be especially necessary in the framework of the preparation of the post-census survey and the data analysis and dissemination phases.

LuxDev, which plans to entrust part of the implementation of the project to the INE through a delegation of funds and implementation agreement, retains a key role, by guaranteeing:

  • implementation of the project management system;
  • preparation, implementation and monitoring of the agreement (CDFMO);
  • conducting monitoring, evaluations and audits;
  • organisation of exchange and partnership missions between INE and STATEC;
  • ensuring certain acquisitions at INE’s request.