• European Year for Development 2015


  • Laos: New dormitories for Law Faculty

    With the technical expertise of Project LAO/023 Strengthening the Rule of Law through Legal University Education and the Faculty and funding from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, four hundred students at the Faculty of Law and Political Science will now benefit from new dormitories.

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  • Hospitality Training in Nicaragua

    LuxDev contributes to the development of a national hospitality school and the establishment of a professional training model for the whole Nicaraguan tourism sector.

  • The water of the Niger river

    A group of young women wash clothes and do the washing up on the banks of the Niger River. This colourful group of women sitting in the river, which contrasts with the colours of their laundry, expresses beautifully how much the river is part of everyday life for the people living on its banks.

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