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CVE/081 • 20 3227
Acquisition et installation d’équipements, mobiliers, outils et consommables pour les écoles de São Vicente et de Santiago

  1. 1 Under preparation
  2. 2 Invitation to tender
  3. 3 Tender evaluation
  4. 4 Contract awarded

Type of contract
Country of performance
Cabo Verde
Award date
Procurement procedure
For more information
See notice of Invitation to tender
(For any question regarding this tender, please contact the person indicated in the downloadable Notice)

Lot Contractor's name Awarding date Amount
CVE/081 • 20 3227 Lot1TJ Electrónica Industrial Lda17.12.202016,778 EUR
CVE/081 • 20 3227 Lot2TJ Electrónica Industrial Lda17.12.202017,656 EUR
CVE/081 • 20 3227 Lot3TJ Electrónica Industrial Lda17.12.202038,306 EUR
CVE/081 • 20 3227 Lot4TJ Electrónica Industrial Lda17.12.20209,338 EUR
CVE/081 • 20 3227 Lot5TJ Electrónica Industrial Lda17.12.202059,000 EUR
CVE/081 • 20 3227 Lot6TJ Electrónica Industrial Lda17.12.202010,565 EUR
CVE/081 • 20 3227 Lot7TJ Electrónica Industrial Lda17.12.202038,847 EUR