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Junior Technical Adviser


This project is closed since 31.10.2022.

Geographical area

Education - Vocational Training & Access to Employment
Partner execution agency

Implementation period
May 2021 - October 2022
Total duration
18 months

Total budget
422,146 EUR
Contribution breakdown
  • Luxembourg Government
    422,146 EUR

This programme aims to enable young people to benefit from an experience in development cooperation. After undergoing a theoretical training, they can get practical work experience in a developing country. Work experience takes place in a programme or project implemented by LuxDev.  The trainees are going to assume the position of junior technical assistants (JTA).

The goal of this project is to:

  • increase the young public's awareness of development cooperation.
  • give young people who wish to work in the development sector a chance to break the vicious circle of not being recruited because of a lack of experience and never getting practical experience because they are never hired.