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VIE/028 • 13 460
Design and Supervision for construction of SSADDPs

  1. 1 Under preparation
  2. 2 Call for expressions of interest
  3. 3 Evaluation of the expressions of interest
  4. 4 The short list is established
  5. 5 The contract is awarded

Type of contract
Country of performance
see call for Expressions of interest
Award date
Procurement procedure
Open Restricted
For more information
see call for Expressions of interest
(For any question regarding this tender, please contact the person indicated in the downloadable Notice)

Lot Contractor's name Awarding date Amount
VIE/028 • 13 460 Lot1HCOGY Construction and Investment JSC12.03.201411,051 EUR
VIE/028 • 13 460 Lot2Delta Survey and Design JSC12.03.201411,435 EUR
VIE/028 • 13 460 Lot3Than Long Design Consultancy JSC12.03.20148,768 EUR
VIE/028 • 13 460 Lot4HCOGY Construction and Investment JSC12.03.20149,345 EUR
VIE/028 • 13 460 Lot5Thang Long Design Consultancy JSC12.03.20145,423 EUR
VIE/028 • 13 460 Lot6Delta Survey and Design JSC12.03.20143,115 EUR